Monday, October 26, 2015

Pickle Place:: Living Room

A new inspiration board and floor plan for a client's D.C. living room:

Interested in "lifting" your space(s)? Hosting family and friends for the holidays and want a fresh look?  Feel like you can't afford it? I bet you can! Let's chat! Email me!


Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Spin & Twirl! Sophie's Ballerina Birthday

Hi there. It's me. Let's just skip past the part where I talk about how long its been since I last posted and all the reasons why. I know, I now qualify as the world's worst blogger. Although, I consider this site as more of  my design portfolio, rather than a blog, so maybe that makes any extra posts a bonus?? Okay, well, anyway. I tried.  Life's been busy, what can I say. I am sllllooowwwlllyyy starting to catch back up on my pictures. Let's get to the goods...

Sophie's 4th birthday has been one of my favorite parties to date. We had so much fun with all things pink, gold, glitter, and tutus around our house during that planning spree! My sweet ballerina was all things pink and tulle during her new found love of ballet. It was only fitting to celebrate her in a Prima Ballerina sort of way! Enjoy!