Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bookcase Styling Tips

I love client homes that have bookcases.  The design possibilities are endless! Styling a bookcase isn't always as easy as it seems.  In fact, it can be overwhelming and somewhat intimidating.  A well-styled bookcase can transform a room, often becoming the focal point, whether it be good or bad. House Beautiful and HGTV have provided us with some great design styling tips for bookcases. Check these out and then give yours a try!

1. Start with a clean slate.  Remove everything from the shelves, discarding any damaged books.

2. Decide on a backdrop.  The bookcase itself can serve as an excellent backdrop to showcase your masterpiece.  You can use paint, fabric, wallpaper, wrapping paper, etc.

3. Decide to book or not to book. Do you want to use all books? No books? Some books? Experiment with different ways to stack them-- vertically or horizontally-- in a pleasing pattern. Horizontal books can even act as bookends.

4. Decide on the color of your books. Do you want to use books that are a certain color? Do you want to sort them by color? (You can always wrap unattractive book covers in a paper colors of your choice.)

5. Personalize the space. Add a favorite collection, shapely vases, decorative boxes or baskets, and family photos. This helps keep your display visually interesting. You don't need to use all of these different items.  Just pick the ones that work for you.

6. Vary the heights of your objects. Nothing says boring like lining them up in a neat row.  The exception to this rule would be in a case where all books are used.  In that case, make it intentional! Have unity in the lined up books with commonality.  For instance, all books on each shelf are the same height, color, etc.  Or stack them horizontally from top to bottom and fill the shelves that way.

7. Use a few horizontally stacked books as a pedestal to highlight a particular object.

8. Go big and bold.  Small items get lost and tend to send a knick-knacky feel.  Accessorizing anything with little knick-knacks is so out. A bookcase is a great place to show off that quirky horse head or abstract art piece that maybe you weren't bold enough to display alone.

9. Don't be afraid to mix in art work.

10. Add a little sparkle.  Glass and silver accessories are great options for adding this extra touch.  Propping a mirror as the backdrop can be another great option as well!

11. Don't over clutter.  Very important.  Keep in mind the open space around the objects.

Here are some of my favorite inspirations...

Better Homes & Garden

Did you find anything inspiring? Let me know!


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