Sunday, December 11, 2011

{TGIM} Truly Great Idea Mondays

Introducing to you my first weekly feature, {TGIM}, “Truly Great Idea Mondays.” Never again shall you dread another Monday. So grab that second cup of joe and kick off your creative juices earlier in the week with this week’s Truly Great Idea…

Using Everyday Patterns in an Un-Everyday Occasion: Christmas Time!

So, its Christmas time and I have trimmed my home with plenty of greenery, ornaments, lights, sparkle, sounds and smells of Christmas. Christmas decorations have evolved since the colored lights, bubble lights, and Hallmark Keepsake ornaments that we collected as kids.  Today, design has redefined the “look” of Christmas with the use of oversized ornaments, decorative mesh, wide ribbons, glittery sprigs springing from Christmas tree toppers, as well as the endless color scheme possibilities! Gone are the days of needlepoint accent pillows for Christmas.  Here is a new idea that I am loving. Add this to your modern Christmas!

Saint Nick pillow by Tobi Fairley Home:

Red and Green pillows by Festive Home Decor on Etsy:

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