Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Interior Fashion

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas! We sure did! I always get sad this time of year... Christmas has come and gone.  We spend so much time anticipating its arrival and in the blink of an eye, its over. Time to pack up the tree and the ornaments, take our stockings off our mantles, and put our Christmas CD's back in their cases for next year.  There's always the new year to look forward to, as well as the "new" resolutions that we promise to make (and keep!). Here is a new idea for you to think about as you go into this new year with your "new" resolutions!

As a designer, I am fascinated by fashion and art. Essentially, you cannot have one without the other. The fashion realm is ever evolving, and so are interiors.  I love to look at images from designers' fashion shows. Many criticize designers for their shows as being "impractical", "far out", or even a little "ridiculous".  Whether or not it is your personal taste, we need to understand that is their showcase, or art gallery, so to speak.  They don't always actually intend for people to wear them on a daily basis, but what they are trying to achieve is for you, the viewer, to think outside the box and to appreciate the fashion for its complexity. What we don't always know is the awe or magic behind their design, whether it be the complexity or combination of the materials involved, color scheme combinations, and/or a spin on a classic silhouette.  See, fashion designers are essentially artists. And the silhouettes are their blank canvas.

There are many similarities between what a fashion designer is trying to accomplish and what an interior designer is trying to create.  The space is the interior designers' blank canvas, and a successful design is achieved by the balance, harmony, and  complexity of the elements (furniture, accents, fabrics, colors, etc.) that go into that design. It isn't as complicated as it as it sounds.  Its rather quite interesting.  The bottom line to successful design is to find your inspiration. The same is true for fashion designers. And since I have talked about how the two are interchangeable, here are some great examples of interior space inspired from those runway "oddities".

Military greens and pops of mustard yellow, grounded by blacks, or dark neutrals.  Regardless of the model's high military boot, the completed outfit has an elegant feel as well as the interior. Details are essential. Even the buttons of the military jacket are accented in this interior space and then there's that random pop of color!

How. Fun. The model is wearing an ensemble grounded by neutral tones, but her top and tights are amazing, not only in color, but in pattern and shape.  This interior is grounded in neutrals very similar, but those pops of color as well as the elaborate detail of that table.  And the form of the cherry blossoms leave it very relaxed, very bohemian, just like her ensemble.

I seriously love this one.  It is a little more obvious, but think beyond the obvious.  The model is vibrant, bold, and pulled together.  This is preppy with a twist and the interior screams the same.  Very vibrant and bold, but there is a sense of control to keep it from being a "fun house". The belt on the model is very restrained, and pulled together.  The interior is very preppy chic. Color schemes often dictate the feel of the room.

Inspiration can come from anything! Who knows... maybe your next room will be inspired from your favorite top! 



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