Monday, December 19, 2011

{TGIM} Truly Great Idea Mondays

Super Saturday has come and gone, but its gonna be a super Monday with this week's truly great idea...

So you fought the hustle and bustle of the madness from the ever chaotic weekend-before-Christmas shopping. You found those super sales and snagged some truly great deals. Now that your gifts are purchased, its time to put on a good Christmas movie and plant yourself in the floor in front of the TV and do some gift wrapping.  Here are some of my favorite wrapping ideas to help make your gifts stand out and be just plain fabulous!

I think this is so cute! I love the vintage feel it evokes. Take old music notes, or even 
scrapbook paper, tie some ribbon around it and add some bells for that extra jingle!

 Take solid wrapping paper, and use ribbons to create plaid designs. I think this would be great in a monochromatic color scheme!

Okay, one of my most absolute craft essentials is plain brown packing paper.  The possibilities are endless! I love this idea of stenciling a design all one color and then tying twine several times around.  And the silver initial gives it such a cute and personal touch!

Another brown paper option which is perfect for kids! I know at our house, we used to let the youngest play Santa and divide the gifts up.  Kids would have fun finding their pictures on their presents. Love this!

Here, they started with a wrapped package in brown craft paper, and then glued candy and flower petals on.  This would be cute with feathers or maybe cotton balls??? I think the red flower petals could be so cute even at Valentine's Day.

I saved my favorite one for last.  Here we have this dynamic feather tufted under, but there's that jingle bell again! So pretty! I am going to try this on my next wedding gift!

Happy Monday, everyone!


  1. love the photo on the gift idea. re-pinned on pinterest!

  2. Thanks!! I'm so glad to hear your comment!