Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February 29th

Happy Leap Year 2012!!

Leap Year is that special day that comes once every 4 years! What a great day for the people that were born on February 29th because actually get to celebrate on the date of their birth.

Happy Birthday Leap Year Babies! 

Thanks to the Tip Junkie, here are some "froggy" inspired party games and printables for all ages to keep you leaping all day!

Print this poster out on 4 separate sheets of paper. Then, glue them together onto green posterboard.  Laminate. And play! Click HERE to get started!

Print out these lily pads and tape to the floor.  Play the same rules as musical chairs. 

Print out a bunch of these guys and hide them around your house for the kids to find. 

And lastly...

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