Thursday, March 1, 2012

March Madness Contest

With all this unseasonably warm weather, spring is definitely in the air.  The fresh air and beautiful sunshine increases our cabin fever and suddenly makes us unhappy with our surroundings, hence our spring cleaning movements and neighborhood garage sales. Deep- cleaning and organizing your closet isn't the only way to bring a fresh feel to your home.  It is also a good time to shop your own home. Re-accessorize rooms with things you already own.  Often times, seeing our belongings in a new way can completely transform how we feel about them! So its time we "spring" into a new look! And that is why I am introducing to you...

at Amy Pendergist Designs!

We are giving away one free design consultation to each of our FINAL 4 winners! You don't want to miss out on this opportunity! Who doesn't want FREE design advice on freshening up a room in their home?! The contest is simple:

1. Visit my Facebook page: (don't forget the dot between amy and pendergist!)
2. If you aren't a fan of my Facebook page, then please "Like" my page.
3. On my wall, post your name or the name of the person you are voting for to win the free design consult.
4. Tell as many of your Facebook friends about my March Madness Contest and get them to vote for you by "Liking" my page and then writing your name (or theirs!) on my Facebook wall!

I will announce a few days in advance when the contest ends. But until then, get to VOTING EVERYONE!!

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