Friday, February 3, 2012

February Color Scheme: Pink & Gray

When we think of the month of February, we naturally think of Valentine's Day. We think of love, reds, pinks, whites, and roses.  For my February color scheme of the month I am going with our favorite cousin to red,: PINK! Paired with a perfect new twist: GRAY! Grays and Pinks scream modern, sweet, sophistication. Find inspiration for your next bedroom, baby nursery, or even kitchen!

Cute bathroom!! (Especially for two sisters that share?)

Classic.  Feminine. Timeless. So pretty!

A bolder take

I love pink. 

Here, we see pink and gray used in a modern way.

And here, we see it used in a more traditional, classic way.

I love the flowers floating in water in the glass containers.

Cute and girly. Pink and gray for a birthday party!

Pink can be elegant, too.

Love the pink and gray scheme for this spring wedding! Don't the men look handsome in their pink ties?!

So, there isn't much gray in this photo, but if you are feeling bolder, this could be for you! You can replace the black knobs and countertop and barstools for stainless steel options. 

Inspiration is everywhere! Create. Design. Inspire.

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