Monday, May 21, 2012

{TGIM} Giant Family Photos

Nothing makes me happier than seeing a picture of my sweet Sophie. In fact, I feel that way about all of my family photos.  There used to be a time (not long ago, btw) where designers frowned upon displaying one's personal family photos in their living rooms, family rooms, hallways, etc.. But that attitude is slowly shifting. There are emerging more and more great ideas (and creative ones!) on family photography.  This week I am featuring one of my nearest and dearly loved truly great ideas...

The photo featured came from Mary Schannen Photography.  This is in her home office.  I just love the gallery wall behind her desk!! Can you think of a perfect spot for such a display? Wanna get started? I found a great giant photo tutorial on-- where else? Pinterest! 

Have a photogenic week!


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