Monday, January 9, 2012

{TGIM} Spray Paint

Spray paint is one of my most favorite options for DIY project transformations. Spray paint has evolved over the last few years with manufacturers creating spray paint for any surface and in any finish.  It really makes for endless possibilities for any project! Today I am going to share some truly great ideas for any spray painting project, as well as some tips and tricks from the experts!

I prefer spray paint over brushing on paint because it leaves a much more clean and professional finish.  Brushing paint on tends to show brush strokes, and if you use a cheap paint brush, you will find yourself left with the bristles from the brush.  What a mess! Spray paint also dries faster than brushed painting. With a good spray paint, you can apply coats within 10-20 minutes apart.

Some people may say that buying spray paint cans is more expensive than buying a quart of paint.  For me, my time is money. I can transfer any piece in a day with spray paint, whereas if I brushed the paint on I could spend days waiting for the coats to dry.  And in the long run, I have a smoother, cleaner finish and the piece looks more expensive than that bargain find that has been 'attacked' with a paint brush. 

My favorite brand of spray paint is Krylon.  Krylon has a vast assortment of colors.  I also prefer Krylon's nozzle over any other brands.  It allows for me to spray at different angles. Krylon dries faster and goes further than cheaper brands.

I would recommend choosing a gloss finish for all projects (Not a high gloss!!). Once the piece is primed, the finish looks more like a satin finish with the ability to be wiped clean should any little ones spill anything on it. 

Here are a few tips to spray paint:
  • I prefer to prime my projects.  My favorite is Kilz primer.  You can get it at the Home Depot. It helps prep your surface area and gives your paint something to really "stick" to. 

  • Spray 10-12" away from the project, spraying across your project in a sweeping motion and maintaining a constant distance from the item. Do not apply in one continuous spray; instead, release the spray button after each sweep. Overlap each sweep by one third to keep the paint finish even and consistent.
  • Use thin coats to prevent running and dripping.  Applying too much will cause an uneven finish.  If you do apply too much, you can take a high grit sand paper and spot sand that spot. Wipe off any sanding particles, and apply a few more coats to even it out.
  • Never buy spray paint from craft stores. Craft store spray paint is overpriced.  You can buy a can of Krylon at Walmart for $2.97.  Home Depot will also match any competitor's price and beat it if you don't see the color you like at Walmart.
  • Always spray any project in a well ventilated area.  I try and do most of mine outside with a drop cloth, weather permitting. NEVER spray inside your house!

Now that we have the basics of spray painting, here are a few truly great project ideas for spray painting:

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 Spray paint different interesting chairs all one color.  Then, upholster the seat in the same fabric and make it your dining room chairs! Talk about a conversation piece!

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These little stools are becoming increasingly popular in home makeovers today. Finding them in a secondhand store can be a bonus! Don't let the ugly 1990 mint and mauve fabric fool you into thinking it has to be reupholstered! They make spray paint for upholstery and fabric now!! So even curtains can get the royal treatment! How genius! Check it out here.

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If you have slippery surfaces, such as stairs, ladders, porches, or step stools, you can paint them with Krylon's Non-Skid Coating.

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Small appliances! Grandma's old hand-me-down retro toaster?! Spray it to match any existing larger appliances! There is now a stainless steel paint that can withstand 200 degrees! 

Were you inspired by any of these ideas? Do you have any other spray paint ideas to share?

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