Monday, January 16, 2012

{TGIM} Or-gan-iz-a-tion: noun

Organization.  It's a word many people refuse.  (Or maybe you just don't care.) Either way, Merriam-Webster defines organization as "arranging elements into a whole of interdependent parts." Its not too late to resolute to spend your new year clean, fresh and organized! Putting the Christmas decorations away is a great opportunity to start throwing away old, packing and arranging the new, and labeling the existing.(I LOVE! my label maker!) Grab that Monday cup of joe and get excited about organization with this week's truly great (inspiring) ideas!

Love, Love, LOVE this!!

Many of us have way too much makeup. (Okay, so maybe its just me.) I am a Sephora junkie and I like it!  The Makeup Box Shop makes these acrylic makeup boxes. I love how you can see where everything is. The best part is that they are custom designed around particular store makeup brands, such as MAC eyeshadow, Bare Minerals, Napoleon, Benefit, Urban Decay, etc.. to ensure things fit nicely! And with the cute little drawer knobs it isn't an eye sore sitting on your bathroom counter. This is going on my Valentine's day gift list! :)

This is super cute. A cupcake holder made into a craft storage! Take a cupcake tree, spray paint it a cute and quirky color, then put glass gelato cups (thrift store finds for like a quarter) to hold little crafty beads and bobs, handy.

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An old dresser without the drawers = brilliant storage idea! This would also be really cute if you painted the dresser a fun color, say orange for example, and then put all the same color contrasting boxes in it, like green boxes. (and label them, of course!)

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Put shower rings on a hanger to loop all your scarves through!

Spray paint an old, decorative paper towel holder to hold your bracelets!

photo by: Crate and Barrel

Crate and Barrel makes these fridge bins now in various sizes. I love this idea. I think this would work great for us and all of Sophie's things. I love the juice boxes and pudding packs in there.  In my fridge, inevitably, Sophie's small containers get lost in the back and I end up buying more because I think I am out of it. 

I love this photo! Think of your organization project like any other home decorating project and start with the color scheme! Here we see a color scheme of greens, whites, and this pine wood finish. I love how they contrasted the green boxes with clear plastic or glass containers.  By keeping them all uniform it creates proportion and continuity. It looks intentional and well thought out.  And suddenly, all that hodge-podge of randomness serves as attractive displays of craftiness.  Take those canister jars on the top shelf for example.  They used the same canister and lid repeatedly and stored all their pieces of ribbon in them,  by color family.   Instantly attractive. 

Here are some other overall inspirational photo favorites:

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